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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pretty Pink Ways: Apache Plume in Bloom

I hope y'all enjoy my first little "SILENT MOVIE"... link below... (sans sound until I fix kinks per recent hard drive replacement)  My intent is to share a more fluid, meditative format for these little photo-poetic journeys...   

Know that it was overcast, 4-ish in the afternoon, temp about 67, the smell of rain on a fickle breeze ~whipping up and settling back down again ~ the gentle rumbling promises of thunder from the south...

As I visited some of my neighborhood botanical friends yesterday ~ along a beloved narrow wildish patch of earth in-between the well-groomed neighborhood park and a concreted section of South Domingo Baca Arroyo ~ I found myself noticing subtle differences from scrub to scrub... this Apache Plume's feathery seed heads are a bit pinker, that one has redder rachis-like veins, larger this or smaller that, more pronounced texture, softer... softer... so soft!  Pink fluff everywhere...  lulling me into restfulness.  Sweet little pillows for a busy mind, an afternoon snack for a beetle, a ladybug, a few ants...

I said "hi" to the Four-Wing Saltbushes, the Coyote Willows, too...  I have a strong resonance with this particular trio of beings.  When I moved here I felt more drawn to the pines on the greenside of these pink Sandias.  Now I feel more attached to these high desert beauties, the Rio Grande, her bosques, the Three Sisters Volcanoes and their pink twilight...

I love living in-between pink!

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