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Sunday, March 24, 2013


take off your shoes in respect
let your socks go feral
defer to the soft wisdom of dust
watch the grass grow
through last years brittle blades
up between your naked toes
watch green spring rise up
from the rio's wandering wet edge
to your winter weary tears
the earth is eager for your sweet wild prayers

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

RAVE'N: So Much to CRoW about!

"Raven Communing with the West Wind in the Painted Desert"

I am a RaVe’N with so many beautiful and magical things to CRoW about! GRiN!   

This sweet mornin' I find myself settling into my new home here at 'Casa von Erffa Prasse' on Indian Farm Lane in the North Valley of ABQ... in walking distance of the Rio Grande... the river, the nature center, and the boulevard!   I'm in a playful mood as I settle into my new home full of easy laughter and fresh challenges with Sally & Kurt & baby-makes-three-in-9-weeks, & dear Sophia, their sweet 17-year-old cat... and my new 'gig' as  NaNNY JuJu, fée marraine, f.c.  (that's fairy godmother, first class)...  I be dancin' a jig! 

Once upon a time not so long ago I was house-sitting here in ABQ in the summer of 2010.  I fell in love with the Land of Enchantment, the friendly community-oriented big small town of Albuquerque, and particularly the neighborhood referred to as the North Valley that parallels the Rio Grande.  I'd already decided I was going to move here, when, while driving down Candelaria Road to the Rio Grande Nature Center, I had the thought that I would love to live in a house in this neighborhood, a home in which I imagined teaching workshops, hosting retreats, and having fun dinner parties.  (We had one here Sunday night!  And Sally asked if I would be interested in co-teaching workshops with her.   YES!  So watch for the announcements.)

As many of you know I had been looking for a new living situation here in Albuquerque since last autumn ~ and while doing so I have been living more of my gypsy aspect than I'd bargained for...  floating from one pet-sitting gig to another to house-sitting, to "couch-surfing".  (I'd say bed-surfing but that would imply more intrigue than happened.)   

It is here that I wish to send out great big ever-lovin' gratitudes to all who cheered me on and helped get the word out about my pet-sitting services and my abode needs... in particular, Billy Brown, Virginia & Ed, Elene, Lizzie, Dawn, Jules, Stephanie, and Alison.  Muchos gracias! 

And extra special biggie humongous ever-lovin' gratitudes in particular to the Austin familia who welcomed me into their busy, full familia household for the previous 15 months; to Susy & Randy who housed me a few days that I might avoid a nasty bug before my trip to San Francisco to see Victor at Christmas, to Penny, Gregory, and the Goodman's for your hospitality between gigs; and to Jules, Caroline and her pup, Lola!;  Marjorie and her kitties, Prince & Cinnamon; Donna & Phil and their pups, Bohdi & Jackson for the pet-sitting gigs.  How I love y'all furry and furless alike!  For all this and more I be RaVe'N!  XoXo!   Julie


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