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Friday, February 12, 2010

And so, as a curiouser and curiouser girl myself, I begin at the beginning...

little me & grandma b

"Little ME and Grandma B like cream & sugar in our TEA!"

“Which beginning and what kind of tea?” replied HeR MaDNeSS. “There are so many from which to choose!”

Well, SWeeT VaNiLLa RooiBoS for tea and the one most personal to me I reply, though my memory of it has so daily ‘LeSSeNeD’ as to be as dark as a RaBBiT HoLe… and ‘tis why I add the ‘WRiTiNG LeSSoN’ at the end of this entry… for no reason at all.

“That's the reason they're called lessons, because they lessen from day to day,” said the Griffin.

I do remember the date ~ July 18th, 1959 in the very early a.m. not two hours after midnight… I was born ~ in the very same hospital and obstetrics ward where ‘Me MuMZie’ worked when she wasn’t giving birth herself. I was #2 of 4. My mother’s first words upon my arrival, so she tells me, were “a girl?!?” After the proper admonitions she explained that my dad was certain I would be a boy. (Not that it mattered… WiNK-WiNK))) A girl I was, and a Midwest farmer’s daughter with a fondness for RaBBiTs and other wild creatures.

As I also have a fondness for teaching, PoeTRY, creative writing and evolving & expanding,  I offer you this ‘WRiTiNG LeSSoN’. Take out your journal or grab a scrap of paper and pen and write I ReMeMBeR WHeN I WaS BoRN… Keep going, have FuN!

Real birthdays are not annual affairs.  Real birthdays are the days when we have a new birth.     ~ Ralph Parlette

I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS BORN ~ a sweetness ~ what must have been a clear summer night, bright stars and indigo… the moon full and round. Mama said I “come quick and easy’. They stopped the car at the side of the road going into town. “This little one don’t wanna be born in no cold hospital! Pull the car over Harvey. I’m havin’ her right here!” Harvey knew arguing with Mama was futile, and ~ beings it was their seventh ~ knew the little bugger wasn’t wait’n till town anyhow!
Mama said it must’a been the reason for my peaceful nature, in spite of this two bedroom house full of kids being a crazy busy place to grow up ~ and the reason she’d find me sleeping in the cool green grass on cloudless summer nights.


There was a STaR danced,
and under that was I born.
~ William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

We are all born MaD. Some remain so.
~ Samuel Beckett

Oh, you can't help that, adds THee CHeSHiRe CaT.
Most everyone's MaD here!


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