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Saturday, May 26, 2012


 photo credit:  Mark Fischer

MAGIC happened last Thursday evening @ Fixed & Free Poetry Open Mic with  Don McIver & moi as the feature poets @ THE SOURCE for Creating Sacredness.  Event photos by Mark Fischer... thanks so much Mark.  Thanks to all y'all passionate poetry peopleness who came, read, listened, supported, shared in the good juju... ate cookies!  Special thanks to you, Billy Brown, for the GF-DF-SF cookies... they're all gone... and for all you do to keep the poetry rippling!

Billy Brown

Elaine Schwartz              Susan Paquet

Bob Warren

Merimee Moffitt

Patrick Houlihan

Dee Cohen

John Ashbaugh

Piera Payne (sp?), Stewart Warren, Teresa Gallion

Bruce Noll

Nate Maxson

Don McIver

Brooke von Blomberg at far right... Hi Brooke!

The spirit of Georgia  O'Keeffe was present...


Reading "Rose Petals, Pale Ones"...

reading "17 Breaths, 17 Haiku" 

reading "Truth, Says the White Deer"

reading Bosque Dreaming: Fox Medicine  

reading "Flower Moon"...

curling her slender fullness
into the Flower Moon 
folding Beauty into Bliss
she gathers nirvana
in a delicate calligraphy of legs
dabs Truth between her eyes

so sweet  the Light
White Deer's desire to know it
to dip her lithe pink tongue
into Moonflower's Cup       
effuse deliriant ~ pure white ink
a kiss upon Datura's Sacred face

so effortlessly fleet her Transcendence
luminous spark of grace on her heels
no fleurish ~ no tracks
to follow up the indigo trail
leaping into enlightenment      
now here now there quantum magic  

too curious to taste with my tongue too
I put on Datura's Sacred Moonflower mask
spill myself into her pool of dreams
follow her dance into the illuminating alchemy of night
I leap to kiss White Deer's sacred face
drown inside her full Flower Moon

See what I mean?  The spirit of Georgia  O'Keeffe was present... in her painted images, in my photo, in the blossoms of the Sacred Datura opening up behind the stage as night fell... in my poem, Flower Moon, and in the Sacred Datura photos I took by flashlight after everyone left...  MAGIC!

Namasté Georgia...
Namasté Sacred Datura ❤

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