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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

100% 'LeaPs aBouND!'

YES!  G'day all! My 'LeaPs aBouND!' Indiegogo crowdfunder closed Monday night @ 11:59PM Pacific Time… and right on time for my old computer is giving up the ghost and has retired as I type.  I am writing your from my brand new baby Mac Book Pro as it downloads the newest (released yesterday and free for now) operating system, OX s Mavericks!  HaPPY DaNCes!  I love this amazing grace-filled life!  Beauty Way!
The purchase and transfer are why this UPdate is a day late (Wednesday) but not a dollar short!   And the final results?.......... GRiN!... w a i t    f o r    i t !...… 

100.0408163265306% FUNDED! $2451 of $2450! 
(Love calculators! They're so... precise) 

Yes! 100% funded with infinite thanks rippling out with virtual GRANDE GRATITUDES, HUGS, AND BESOS to all who shared the word and love forward, encouraged my dreams... attended the Leap Fiesta, who've promised to purchase photography in the future, and most especially those who contributed to LeaPs:

Linda Bailey Zimmerman
Kathleen Sullivan
Elizabeth & Eric Austin
[J] you-know-who-you-are! 
Angela Poland White 
Karen Brokken
Crystal Nuding
Marty Stark 
Amudha Irudayam
Beatlick Press
Shauna Zeck, Bead Spirit Designs
Dawn, Mark, Alex, James & Jeeves
Elene Gusch
Teresa & Hearts Desire Creations
Donald Benjamin
Joe Ray
Lisa Schaffer
Susy Crandall
Stewart Warren
Shanna Brokken
Ann Durand
Sandra Shriver
Tina Venardi
John and Irene Devine
Tani & Raymond
Cindy Brown
Cilette & Roman, Gypsy Soul
anonymous [K] 
John Roche
[C] you-know-who-you-are!
Barbara Schoepf
Kenneth P. Gurney 
Loretta Diers 
Maggie Chambers 
Caroline LeBlanc 
Dee Cohen 
Andi Penner 
Penny Pence
Deborah Coy
Tobias Katz
Virginia and Ed Fultz

thank you with chocolate on top, underneath, inside, and all around!  

A very special thank you goes out to good friend and plein aire painter artist woman, Barbara Schoepf, who's been my biggest cheerleader from before this undertaking!  Barb was been showing my work to others in Phoenix and New York City with positive results. She was one of the first to purchase my photography before 'LeaPs aBouND!' and literally called at the 11th hour to see how much was needed to make the goal.  She 'grabbed' the cash contributions, added the difference, and 'charged ahead' to  make 100.0408163265306% FUNDED! 

Thank you again!  I love you all!  Blessings and grace!

Julie SuZaNNe BroKKeN

Postscript:  Stay tuned for progress reports.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The BIG Picture: It's About Nurturing Community and Embracing Wholeness

Check out LeaPs aBouND! 

oLLa everyone!  

UPDATE as of Oct. 9, 2013
  •    12 days left to participate.  Last day: October 21, 2013
  •       39% funded (with inclusion of cash contributions) my deep gratitude!
  •      100% easy to get involved, either by contributing or sharing the love with others as we build a bigger audience

1. What IS crowdfunding? 

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.   Musicians, filmmakers, and artists; charities, small businesses, and inventors have successfully raised funds and fostered awareness through crowdfunding.

Was it not THEE Mark Twain who something similar by taking out a newspaper ad and asking for people to pay up front for a book he had yet to write.  Smart man!

Think of crowdfunding as a variation on a PBS pledge drive. Your contribution equals thank you gifts.  Indiegogo calls them PERKS.  Sounds so happy!  Indiegogo?  Think go-going-indiependent with lots of FUN on top.

2. What is a PERK?   I'll answer by playing with words and definitions.

perk: [purk] noun Informal.  perquisite. Incidental gift over and above the regular that makes you feel more cheerful, lively, or special.   

Your LeaPs aBouND! PERKS?  my original archival quality fine art photographic prints of your choosing!  Don't you feel perkier already?

Please feel free to call me @ 505.604.7850 or email
Happy to take your photo order/contribution over the phone or answer any questions.

xoxo, Julie SuZaNNe BroKKeN


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