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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Fox Medicine in the Bosque

Bosque Dreaming: Fox Medicine

december gently leaves the bosque
taking directions from the rio grande
a silent consonant of geese

january steps down the pinon staircase
from her sandia house
follows Fox into the bosque

finds traveling on foot is good here
well-padded shoes
a crust of snow
cushion of leaf litter
fallen twigs embossing brittle bosque braille
into nomadic feet

Fox medicine is good traveling medicine

invisible as the round conversation
between oxygen and carbon
inside their dance of breathing quietude
rambling between cottonwood willow thickets
brushing against exposed skin
catching a wing of winter scarf
halting frozen attention
untangling into deep breath medicine

murmuring gypsy siren songs
across lapping shallows and sandbars
dancing out into the rio
teasing minnows
hypnotizing cranes
licking intention medicine

cunning in cunning s swift sly shy little Fox beauty way medicine

silent as night owl
playing with mice
a wise glint of silliness
in her fine sharp eyes
fancy dancing
with the beautiful red bird pulsing
inside her delicately ribbed cage medicine

pointing pert precise pretty Fox nose
pink tongue fine teeth efficient mouth
singing gypsy river Fox songs
walking on water like a crisp leaf
with dragonfly wings
courting cold current medicine

can you see how Fox s red bird pulses
leaps into the river of my own wrist medicine?

how Fox nips fresh wishes from my winter pink lips
runs away with my january tongue
leaves me holding her lively red bird
cupped in my own red medicine hands
red as mouse blood
ripe berry stains
red flame in my crystalline eyes
warm fire in my sated gypsy belly medicine?

no hunger breathing here
save for more of this       more       of this
fine little shapeshifter medicine
teaching oneness
how to be a tree
how to climb one
how to be its shadow
how to adopt the burrow beneath it
if only for one red traveling january night
how to blithely crawl inside
how to sleep awake
licking my own lucid bliss-bloodied gypsy paws! 

Namasté Little Gray Fox
and thank you!

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